A chemistry textbook would define this term as the act of becoming covered with crystals of salt through evaporation. However, you didn't come here for a chemistry lesson. ;) 

It also means "To burst into bloom, or to blossom" and that's the definition we're going for. We are two sophomores and while neither of us are studying design or retail, fashion, a means of self expression, is a passion we share. As our second year of college proceeds, we are blossoming, the world at our fingertips. Like us, fashion is ever changing, ever blooming, and always blossoming. It's not a set thing, it can be whatever you want it to be, just as you can be whoever you want to be. 

It is important for young women and more specifically college girls to dress well not only for herself but also to express herself in a classy way through what she wears. It is not impossible to dress classy and fashionable on a budget and this blog is a culmination of my style. Watch me blossom, watch fashion blossom, and discover yourself blossoming with me. 





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