So this past week I was able to go to California!!! I was in shock the whole time I was there and still can't believe I went. The weather was perfect, the food was photogenic, and it was just so beautiful. Contrary to popular belief, the reason I went wasn't just to take pictures of all of the pretty things (contrary to what my Instagram shows) but rather was to attend NSBE's 41st annual conference in Anaheim. It was such an amazing and inspiring convention and would go again in a heartbeat. Luckily for me, my amazing boyfriend goes to school in California so when all the conferences and meetings were over I was able to explore Cali. 

It wouldn't be a true California experience if I didn't get to meet celebrities would it? So just my luck on the first day while shopping I met Karrueche Tran (Model/Chris Brown's Girlfriend...well ex now) who is just as gorgeous in person and on the day before I even got to see Patrick Dempsey the Greys Anatomy actor with the nice hair?! He was right in front of me in line at the Lemonade in Santa Monica with his kids so I didn't ask for a picture but it was still really cool too see him! 

From Los Angeles to Laguna Beach it is just as beautiful as I thought it would be and I never wanted to leave! But no worries I'll be back someday and those blue skies, beautiful beaches and incredibly photogenic foods will return on my instagram! ;) 

Demi B 

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