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Well hello there hottie, I’ll keep the small talk short and simple because you and I both know the reason you’re here… BECAUSE YOU JUST FREAKING LOVE MY BLOG AND TAP THE LINK IN MY BIO EVERY.SINGLE. TIME…Or because you just really want to know how I edit my insta pictures lol.

Before I get to the juicy stuff, I’m not going to show you EXACTLY how I edit, because well, then we’ll have a lot of @itsdemib instas and I want your individuality + personal creativity to shine through. With that said, I’ll be sharing with you five ways to enhance your pics and iphone photo quality and get a BOMB feed.


I cannot stress this enough you guys. If there lighting isn’t natural…you better believe that picture isn’t happening. Yes, there are editing apps that you can crank up the brightness of after the fact, but there’s just something about natural lighting that’s kind of magical. Your face glows, your highlight pops, it’s a beautiful thing really.


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If you’ve followed me for a while you probably know that my IG feed used to be 90% white and desaturated (Tgod for Facetune’s whitening feature) #TBT. But if you see my feed now, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve reintroduced color (BLESS UP).  I’ve found that I like to keep pictures as close to their natural state as possible. I sometimes go in and adjust saturation,temperature, and shadows on Snapseed, but I try not to do anything too drastic (like whitening out walls like I used to a couple years ago). How I edit is unique to the nature of each picture I take. If I want to emphasize the shadows, I play with contrast and shadow settings. Simple stuff. 




Okay you guys, so this is one thing that I don’t really know how to describe. It’s the beauty and complexity of the human eye. Literally ten people can take a picture of the same thing, but eyes are drawn to different things. So switch up your angles fam. Think outside of the box.  



4)       PLAN, BUT DON’T OBsESS 

I promise you, this isn’t as hard as you think. It just takes a little time to find your niche (trust me, scroll back on my IG for a real life insta miracle and a laugh because the glow up is real). Whether love taking selfies, pictures of flowers ~guilty~, coffee (or hot chocolate ~guuiltyyy~, plane pics ~guilty~, your OOTD, your insanely photogenic puppy ~shocker, also guilty~, or all of the above Instagram is a creative and beautiful way to share what you love and what you find beautiful with the world. Plan your feed, but don't be anal and not post something because it doesn't "fit the feed" it's not that serious and it's a really bad habit to break (speaking from experience here lol). A beautiful picture is a beautiful picture. If you love it, post it. ;) 




The moment you’ve all been waiting for…*drumroll please*

The app that I use to edit my pictures 1000% of the time is VSCO and I have 3 filters that I usually stick to (VSCO is bae). They have the most amazing filters for any and every photography style. Most of these bad boys are free, but you can pay for some if you’re about that life lol. Remember though, you’re not married to these three filters for life so you can switch them up whenever. I have just found that for me, sticking to a few makes it easier to choose from and adds to feed consistency.

Side note: Make sure the filters you pick don’t oversaturate/desaturate your skin and make you look as natural as possible.




SNAPSEED: selective desaturation, brightness, and sharpening

VSCO: best filters

PLANOLY: helps with planning your feed









Side note: It’s okay to be inspired by someone and appreciate their work, but I challenge you to not copy or mimic someone else’s work.

Instagram is amazing and such a beautiful tool used by so many people around the world to share what they find beauitful. There are no set Instagram rules so take pictures of what YOU love and find beautiful. Forget the likes and what people think, take pictures for yourself. You don't need a crazy expensive camera, you just need a phone and your God-given eyes and the world is at your fingertips. 


Use my hashtag #DemiBInstagrammy on some of your own favorite past ~or upcoming~ IG posts I'd love to see the world through your eyes.<3



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