The Hangover Brunch

If you know me or know anything about me, you probably know that this event brought together so many things that I love -- socializing and building relationships (especially with some freaking amazing women), designing spaces (#REVOLVE Purdue or nah?), and last but not least...BRUNCH. 


What was this for? What was the occasion? Well, I'm glad you asked. Rewinding a little bit, over this past summer I did a lot of reflection and brainstorming and I came into this school year with so many ideas and goals and this bad boy was one of them. While in Atlanta I met so many incredibly inspiring people that challenged me in ways I can't even begin to describe. From people I met at work to instagram friends that I met up with, THEY are why I bring to you the #DBhangover brunch. They reminded me that

1. if you see something that's missing in a community, why don't you just create it instead of moping around wishing it was a thing.

2. Do what you love and don't think twice about it.

3. Surround yourself with inspiring people and grow.

4. Know who you are and be confident in it.

This event wasn't for anything other than building up and brnindthe creative community I KNOW Purdue University has. This brunch was something that checked off all of these things and that's how I new it was a project I needed to go through with. SO I wan't to share with you how to create your own mini Hangover Brunch. :)  It's simple, inexpensive, intimate and a good freaking time. It doesn't get much better than that. Keep scrolling for details and pics.



What you're gonna need:



First off you're going to need some BOMB A$$ GIRL BOSSES (OR GUYS) which I'm sure aren't too hard to find because there are some pretty frickin amazing people around you -- you've just got to get out of your comfort zone a little bit. For this brunch, I invited some really neat girls from Purdue who all were creative and unique in their own way. No two people in attendance were the same..and it was kind of beautiful. For the two hours that we were sitting in a park making smoothie bowls talking about life and our passions, I was so caught up in the moment that I genuinely forgot we were sitting in a closed park in the middle of West Lafayette, Indiana. 


For this brunch I decided to let it be the last hoorah of summer -- so the vibes were very tropical with smoothie bowls serviced in Coconut and a tropical mocktail as the drink. The most expensive thing I bought foodwise was probably the coconuts at $4 per coconut and I got 7 of it really wasn't event that bad. For the smoothie bowl base I made strawberry banana smoothie and just threw frozen strawberries, bananas, orange juice and ice into a blender and voila. I drained the coconuts to use them as the bowls the smoothie would be eaten out of. :) Minus the rugs, I think my total cost for this brunch was $70...amazing right?! 


- Coconuts (disclaimer: goodluck breaking them in half...just for the record, them being "easy break" doesn't mean its easy to break lol)

- Fresh Strawberries

- Blueberries

- Chia Seeds

- Granola

- Raspberries

-Frozen Strawberries + Bananas (for the smoothie) 

-Shredded Coconut

- Mocktail (Ocean Spray Tropical Citrus) 




Wooden Pallets:  I'm not sure the dimensions but I used 4 (2 sets stacked on eachother) of them as the table. Yes we went Indian style and sat criss-cross-apple-sauce on the floor. I set rugs underneath the pallets and had each guest bring their own decorative pillow as a "chair." 

Flowers: Going off of the whole tropical vibe, I decided to have the table runner be monstera leaves.  Monstera leaves are the trendy tropical leaf you see everywhere but probably don't know what they're called. Not sure what the white flowers are called but I thought they'd look good so I picked them up from the flower shop and voila -- there we have the table runner lol. 

Bowls: It's crazy what money saving deals you find when you're using your own money lol. The "crystal bowls that I put the fruits on came in a pack of 4 for only $1. Guys, Dollar Tree is lowkey bae haha.

Marshall Speakers (Check them out here): I play music 25/8 and it was imperative that the music vibes were OP. I set up my Marshall Speakers and played my vibey Spotify playlist and let me tell you... not only were those vibes were impeccable(shoutout to my boy Daniel Ceasar), but the speakers are a decoration on their own.


If you want to check out the girls who were in attendance here are there IG handles: