literally kim...

Alright guys, this one's a quickie.  If you're a religious KUWTK watcher like me, you hopefully have a hint as to what this post is about. Since day 1 Kourtney has been my favorite Kardashian, bible. Her effortless, chic style is so classy and simple. But fashion aside, I'm obsessed her hilarious intonation and inflection of her words and constant picking on Kim. 

Here I tried to mimic her style through this Kourt-esq outfit -- a lot of black and white. Let's be honest, her lack of color is probably why I like her style so much.  


Demi B 


p.s. In the last picture don't let the smile fool you. I was highkey really nervous that I destroyed my  phone, but no worries she's alive and in tact.  

Blazer: Apostrophe 

T-shirt: H&M 

Crossbody: Henri Bendel

Fleece Lined Leggings: Charlotte Russe 

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: H&M

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