new year, same me?


Here I am, the 10th of January writing my first post of 2016. First, 2015 went by so fast. Like I know we say that every year but this year was insane. Secondly, I suck. Why might you ask? because one of the things on my new years resolution list was to blog more consistently.....that obvi hasn't started off well. BUT HAVE NO FEAR, I'll get better I promise. :)

This look is honestly so simple. The poncho trend was so in for fall and thank goodness it carried into the winter because it drastically shortened the amount of time it took for me to pick out my outfit. Literally all you have to do is wear a basic tee, some jeans, and simple shoes (sneakers, boots, booties--you pick!) underneath the poncho. Then, throw the poncho on and voila you're done! I got lucky and found this poncho at Charlotte Russe for $5. I love it -- the only con about it is that its really thin. 

Sometimes I think stores forget we live in the midwest and winter is only just starting after Christmas BUT they ship in all of their spring lines and swimsuits anyway. What does this mean for you? Right now all of the winter clothes, shoes and accessories are going on sale (which means ponchos for a steal!) Happy Shopping. ;)



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