outfits of the week: travel edition [DAY 1]

HELLO STRANGERS!! I would like to first of all apologize for being a little MIA. These past few weeks have been so hectic and every time I think things are dying down, something else springs up and throws my schedule off completely!! This is no excuse and for that reason, theres going to be a post every day for the next couple of days so that I can get all of this exciting new content out to you beautiful humans. 

For a few of the days in Colombia (when I wasn't wearing business casual attire because this was a study abroad trip) I decided to do quick shoots so you all could see what I was wearing in Colombia and get some travel/summer outfit inspo. Lets be honest here though, you're probably more fascinated by the beautiful finca that I'm in. So before, you get your nickers in a bunch, there will be a post on the Travel section of my blog about all of the amazing places that I got to see. ;) 



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