white denim.

White denim is totally a summer trend that I've always found kind of difficult to style. Whether its shorts, skinny jeans, on linen flare pants, finding a top that goes nicely with them has always been so hard for me.


I would always end up resulting to a pinstripe oxford top, a blue chambray shirt, or a blouse in some shade of blue. I never really experimented. Blue or blue -- That's kind of how it went. While I still love that look (and you'll see in a few days a look that i created with an oxford top and white bottoms) I kind of wanted to switch it up a bit. AND BEHOLD, we have this look. I found this top at Forever 21 (my beloved mother has banned me from that store so this might be the last item you see from them for a while) and it was a STEAL. I can't remember the price but it was less than $15.

It came with a piece of cloth that I made a choker (apparently its a skinny scarf,  but whatevs.) PLUS The nude/blush pink color of the top really compliments the white jeans. I will tell you though, the quality of the top wasn't all that great. I had to cut some loose strings off of the choker part of the top, but after I did that I didn't have any problems. 

And where are the jeans from? Yes, you guessed it. JAMES JEANS. They've done it again people, their jeans are purely amazing -- these white bottoms are the perfect jegging. They're definitely more jean than jegging but that's exactly how I like it. 



Top: Forever 21

Bottoms: James Jeans  or Something similar here