lost files.

Usually by lost files, most instagrammers mean that the picture ("file") was lost in their insanely large camera roll of 4,000+ pictures (guilty as charged). Not even going to pretend like I haven't used #lostfiles in a caption before! But in this case, I actually mean that these files were lost and just magically appeared in a folder on my computer. 


Remember when I told you that my adorable pup chewed up my SD card? Yes? perf, you're amazing. No? Take a look at the post here! ;) Anywaysss, it was nothing less than a miracle that I discovered these pics on my desktop. 

So here we have it folks, another post from my trip abroad featuring these kick butt James Jeans denim shorts. Damn Demi, back at it again with the black and white outfit... and why yes, yes I am, and not even going to lie, I am the least bit apologetic about. Why might you ask? WELL, this was  probably the most simple, minimal fit a girl could put together (not to talk of comfortable which is always an added plus.) And its so easy to recreate a look similar.




ps. These amazing shorts are on sale right now ;) you're welcome. 

Top: J. Crew 

Shorts: James Jeans 

Bag: Henri Bendel