First things first -- I felt like I needed to explain why my romper is so wrinkly. I thought  it was important to let you know that I do in fact own an iron so please let me explain lol. 1) I almost burned the romper because I had it on the highest heat [apparently satin doesn't use the same iron setting as cotton] 2) It wasn't this bad when I walked out of the house I promise.  


I had to make that disclaimer for many reasons but the biggest one was because my mother reads my blog and would be so disappointed to see my dress this way, but it really isn't my fault. ~sorry mom. love you~

I tried to iron it, I really did -- but after almost burning a hole in the material, I thought that throwing a thin sheet over the romper and ironing over it would be a better way of getting the wrinkles out. And in my defense it worked pretty well and the wrinkles weren't bad when I left the house, but sitting down recreated them. If you have a life hack about how to effectively iron satin, please let me know!!! I'm thinking investing in a personal steamer is going to be my best bet at this point.

Okay so on to the look. Satin/Silk is a huge trend this fall. Its seen in tops, dresses, and most popularly bomber jackets. While satin rompers ins't a trend I've seen very much of, when AMAZING LACE  sent me this romper I was so excited to get a chance to style it.

Keep an eye out, I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of satin on The Efflorescence this season. ;)




p.s. Even though this romper was sent to me, all opinions are my own. 

Romper: Amazing Lace