Happy saturday beautiful humans -- I hope your valentines/galentines week was incredible and you received the type of love we all deserve. something about a holiday celebrating love makes me really happy and i can't quite put my finger on it. [side note, special shoutout to whoever coined 'galentines' day, you're the real mvp]


This valentines day was very different than i'm used to, but probably one of the best Valentine's Days ever. No, i didn't get a room full of white roses. No, I didn't dress up and go to a fancy dinner. And sadly no, I didn't get a heart box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates with a love note taped to the top of the box.  BUT I did go through the day without sulking and being all sad that I was alone on Valentines Day and for me that was a pretty big win. How? I'm not going to lie, I almost fell under the Snapchat spell -- What's that may you ask? It's when you find yourself tapping through people's adorable stories of what their boyfriend/girlfriend surprised them with wishing you had someone to spoil you. (Don't act like you've never done that before because we all have).  We're all guilty of wishing we had something we don't and I'm slowly but surely learning it will come with time. God's timing is everything, and your own blessing will find you at the right time I promise you. So please don't settle.  Don't settle for someone that won't make you feel like the special person you are. Don't settle for someone that only hits you up at 2 am. Don't settle for someone who doesn't push you to be better. 

This is by no means a "I hate boys post" because I'd be lying if I said I did. I just hate that I thought I needed a guy in my life to feel loved. This Valentine's Day I think I figured it all out. It's okay to be alone. In fact, it's more than okay -- it's necessary. I'm 21 years old [omg that's so weird to be able to day now] and I'm still trying to figure myself out. It's imperative that I take time to learn to love myself first. I don't need anyone to shower me with materialistic gifts for me to know that I am loved. I can buy myself chocolate and flowers (who am I kidding, I already do lol). I'm loved by the people that matter most and I'm reminded of that every day.  God, my family, and my my best friends and tbh that's all I really need. 

Respect Yourself. Love yourself. Treat Yourself.