gg denim.

Why hello there beautiful humans...long time no see. I would first off like to apologize yet again for slacking with the blog posts, but in my defense...SCHOOL IS HARD OKAY?!?! but have no fear ;) WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS. 


 I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting flowers (granted 95% of the time I buy them for myself and the other 5% are from my family members...but hey who's counting). There's something about fresh flowers in my room that really brightens up my mood, so why pass up the opportunity to make one of your friends feel that exact way same way?! If you follow me on the gram, you probably saw my post about how I got one of my besties flowers because she's well, kind of amazing. You should try it, it's actually really fun. I challenge you to write someone you love and appreciate a note and buy them an inexpensive bouquet of flowers (cuz I know we're all ballin' on a budget).

I took myself to Rubia's Flower Market last week- Purdue's best (and only) flower market, wearing this super comfy and casual errand running outfit, and picked out the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that just happened to be called "Demiluxe" Bouquet....coincidence? I think not.

In other news...this jacket....guys...just wow. If you've been looking for the perfect oversized denim jacket I think I have a winner for you. As you may know if you follow my blog, I've partnered with GG Boutique quite a lot in the past and when they posted this new arrival on their site I just about peed my pants. I'd been looking for one for ages and needless to say, GG had my back. 



PS. Use my code DEMIB25 to get 25% off your jean jacket ;)  



JACKET: GG BOUTIQUE in a size large (HERE