sporty chic.

I'm not really a believer in sticking to one certain "look" or style. If you've got a certain color palette you go with, I get it because I'm the exact same. I love black, white, nudes,and navy and I try to stay away from bright, bold colors, but when it comes to a certain look, I'm all over the place. One day its boho, the next preppy, then maybe a little sporty chic (even though I'm the least sporty person you'll probably ever meet).

Moral of the story? Dress however you feel like in the morning. Let your mood determine what look you're going for. For me, this is how my brain works when I'm picking out an outfit no joke: 

"Wow I should workout this morning." (15 minutes later) "Ehhhhh not feeling it." So what to I do? I decided that dressing with a sporty flare would be as close to working out as I'd get. Let me break down this fit and you tell me thats it's not basically workout gear. 

Top: It's a bodysuit from zara which is basically a leotard. If you didn't know ballerinas wear these when they dance -- and dance is a workout)

Pants: Are they jeans? Yes. Do they feel like jeans? Nope. ;)  I'm not lying when I say these jeans feel like leggings and what do most people wear when they workout? Leggings. (Reason 10000283749 why I love my James Jeans.

Shoes: I'm not going to lie, these are the only pair of proper workout sneakers I have, and I'd be lying if I told you I bought them for workout purposes. 


Top: Zara 

Jeans: James Jeans

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Bag: Kate Spade 


This summer I have the pleasure of shooting with the crazzzy talented Mariah Wyall -- check out her amazing site here: