moto jacket

hello moto.

If you don't know the reference I made in the title of this blog post, welp, this is v awkward... Throwback to when the hot pink motorola razor was the "it" phone to have. lolz 


Hellloo beautiful people!!

 This post is going to be a quickie -- why might you ask? Because I have a NUC 273 [Mechanics of Materials] exam tomorrow that I'm stressin' about. I needed a quick study break before my brain exploded so what better way to relieve some stress than a new post. ;) 


 Anyway, with absolutely no warning from Indiana, it's finally feeling like fall (tbh dangnear winter) here in West Lala which gave me the perfect reason to bust out the jackets. Motorcycle jackets [aka Moto Jackets] are a fall wardrobe staple and I'm obsessed with this one from

ps. They currently have 50% off their entire site... you're welcome :) 



Jacket: Tobi

Shoes: Charlotte Russe 

Jeans: James Jeans