The Doors of Cartagena

Good Morning Beautiful People of the Internet -- I hope you're having a swell weekend so far. Let me start off by apologizing. I am so sorry for basically disappearing for the past month but my life has been so hectic. I went from studying my behind off for finals, to taking finals, to taking pre-departure classes for the study abroad program that I did, to actually going to Colombia (yes the country not the school in New York) and I just got back in the wee hours of this morning.

I had every single intention of posting on my blog every other day when I was in Colombia but the wifi in the hotel I was staying at was just so terrible -- it took forever to load, so I kind of gave up and stuck to snapchat and instagram updates (itsdemib). ps #sorrynotsorry for the plethora of snaps and pics on your feed. 

This post is solely dedicated to the beauty that lies within the streets of Cartagena: her beautiful doors. The colorful walls, doors, and buildings did something to my soul I promise. No matter how happy or sad I was, the colorful walls made me happier. So if you can, I would advise you to travel to Cartagena --but until then, enjoy these few doors.

Vivir la vida en color. 



**Disclaimer: All pictures are my own. Feel free to use them, but please make sure that I receive proper credit. :)  **

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