If there is one thing I learned during my trip is how amazing my family is. I haven't danced so much, laughed so hard and been as happy as I was with my cousins in Italy in a whileeeee. Even though it had been so long since we saw each other last (literally like 10 years for some), it was like nothing changed.  


My beautiful cousin got married in Puglia, Italy which was the reason for the family reunion. I'll link the video so you can look at the magical wedding that was quite honestly nothing less than #weddinggoals. I now officially have the travel bug and as I am writing this post I'm simultaneously thinking about where I want to travel to next. And tbh I'm getting sad because the sad reality is the next place I'm actually "traveling" to is West Lafayette, Indiana. 

I wanted to spare my IG followers all of the Italy latergrams and dump some of my favorite pictures for you to see the beauty of Puglia, Italy. Maybe this will convince you to add the south of Italy to your travel bucket list?