There are so many quotes about New York and I found them to all be sooo true during my trip a little over a week ago. "There's something in the NYC air that makes sleep useless"Check. "The New York lights will inspire you" They sure did -- Check. "New York is always a good idea" CHECK. 

I went to New York once before and it was a day trip to Times Square because we were visiting family in New Jersey and decided to come down for a bit. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but I'm never doing Times Square again. This time I stayed far away from Times square until the night before I left and a friend took me there to get ice cream at night. 

New York is incredible. Point blank. There was something about the atmosphere, the people, and the experience that honestly made me just want to be better and dream bigger. My reason for going to the big apple was a dream in itself -- I was chosen as the Harper's Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age winner for the 20s (WTH yeah I can't believe it either) and I got to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met to this day. Have no fear people, a blog post is coming soon. It totally felt like I was living in my own Gossip Girl episode. I went to the MET, because if you don't take a picture on the stairs do you even Gossip girl fan? Our Hotel was in the Upper East Side (Was basically Serena V.), I went to Soho (drooled at all of the shops that were too expensive for me to shop at), and I spent quality bonding time with my amazing mother in the city that stole my heart from the second I got off of the plane. 

It was simply amazing. 


Okay so before we get into the grid of pictures, I have a funny story behind this pic that I felt I needed to share with you... So basically I was just an innocent tourist trying to take a picture of this happy bones sign. And when I was trying to take this pic, a very attractive male happened to walk past and I got kind of distracted. I was incapable of doing anything right for a good 30 seconds. So here is a picture of a very attractive but blurred out man, with the oh so aesthetically pleasing “Happ Bone Coffe, New York Cit” sign. :)