As you probably can tell by the state of my face on the daily, I am not very big into makeup. I don’t have anything against it (in fact, I appreciate it as an art) but I just don’t know how to “beat or slay” my face. All I need in the morning is mascara and I’m all good. Occasionally I have on eyeliner but I’m still trying to perfect the wing and if you were wondering its not going too well (honestly should be its own genre of art because WOW). About a week ago I got a beauty box from my friends at Cocotique and I LOVE the products. I actually owned the edge control that was featured in this box and while it doesn’t work well with my edges too well, my sisters look amazing with it on. Baby hairs are on fleeeeeeek.  That’s not to say anything is wrong with it, it’s just to say not everyone’s hair responds to the same product the same way.

And the mascara? Don’t even get me started. Without mascara, I feel naked – I feel like it just transforms my face. You think I’m kidding but I’m serious. I have a prescription for my eyes but I only rarely wear it. “When do you wear your glasses Dem?” good question—As dumb as this sounds I don’t wear them to read but rather when I don’t wear mascara (I have the philosophy that people will be too focused on the fact that I’m wearing glasses to notice that I’m naked) . I also have a tendancy to wear like 30 trillion layers of mascara and the Orgasmic mascara that was in this month’s box speaks to my soul. #sorrynotsorry

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