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Discalimer: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated to share my opinion on these products by Clarins USA, but all opinions are my own. 

Over the last few weeks, with the sun making a special appearance in Indiana and my skin relatively behaving I've gotten a lot questions on what products I use. Back last August I did a collaboration on the full details of my morning routine (CHECK IT OUT HERE), but I decided to highlight a different product this time around.

I've been lucky enough to never really have bad acne at all, and I'm not sure if its because I don't like putting too much product on my skin or if it's just genetics. For that reason this is not a post to tell you how to get clear skin because everyone's skin is different, but it's to remind you what you need to be doing in order to take care of your skin.


How to take care of your skin 101 with Mercedes Demz:


Step 1: Drink water and mind yA business

It's a joke but like not...drinking water is so important for clear skin. Coming from someone who used to drink nothing but soda and juice, I find that drinking more water (especially as it starts to get warmer out) is sooooo important. Also if you mind your own business and take care of yourself you're less likely to stress and get 'stress pimples'. Look at how that works ;)

Step 2: Less is More

I don't like experimenting with new products. I stick to the 3-4 things I know and use them until the bottle is empty. Why? Because I feel as though a face routine shouldn't be extremely product heavy. Being in your 20's products like these from Clarin's Hydra-essentiels Line are so important to preserve and protect your skin. 

EYES: Nobody wants dark or puffy under eyes, and their eye mask visibly minimizes signs of fatigues, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and fine dehydration lines. It is said to visibly restore brighter-looking eyes and promote
a fresh, rested look.

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FACE: A hydrating cream is so important -- whether you have normal or combo skin, it's important to find a moisturise like this one to keep your skin quenched. Their Hyra-Essentiel Cream is  a silky cream that restores comfort and radiance to super-thirsty skin, instantly soothing tightness and irritations. 

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Step 3: Don't forget about your lips

I'm not sure why, but I feel like out lips are the part on our face that are often neglected during our face routines. It's so important to not have crusty lips so whether you put this on in the morning or before bed, your lips will thank you later. 

LIPS: When I tell you this product is magic...believe me. It Nourishes, moisturizes, and protects lips  like no other and not to mention makes them smooth and totally kissable. 

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