So, I know its been a while since I have blogged...this summer has been insane with trying to juggle my internship, calculus two, and doing things that I love. FINALLY I have gotten around to writing! 

Summer can be a hit or miss, you're either super busy or bored out of your mind --I feel like there's not in between.  That's where Pinterest comes into play. It's literally the best creation since sliced bread. 

My little sister is leaving for France for 7 weeks :( so I decided to go all out. I set up (with help from her best friend, my boyfriend, and my little sister) and decorated a table under the pergola for dinner. It wasn't hard at all and it turned out so nice! Later that night we kept the Christmas lights that we weaved through the pergola out and projected Taken onto a white sheet and laid out blankets and pillows for my sister and her closest friends! (It was so cute!) Luckily my amazing boyfriend had the projector so everything was simple!!

I hope this inspires you to maybe have a girls night or even a romantic date night this summer. ;) 


Demi B