Rediscovering the Fort

If you know me, then you know that the beginning of my Junior year of high school I moved from Georgia to Indiana. (Yeah, tragic I know) I was never a fan of moving for two reasons; the first was I didn’t want to leave my friends. I felt like junior year was almost way too late to make new friends in a new place. 


Everyone had already formed their cliques, knew their best friends, and who they wanted to ask them to semi and prom. Who did I think I was to come in and disturb the peace? I also didn’t want to move simply because I was moving to Indiana. I totally would’ve been fine with a North Carolina, Maryland (Random but doable), Tennessee, or California, but Indiana? When your average person thinks Indiana, they think cornfields…and while there are hella cornfields, there is actual civilization. It’s not all that bad. Not going to lie, even though I live here now and go to an in state school I don’t like to claim Indiana. I am and forever will be an ATLien/Georgia Peach at heart. I was basically forced by the law to give up my Georgia License and my phone number still has my 404 area code that I REFUSE to give up.

I said all of this to say as much as I have ATL withdrawls, Indiana is kind of growing on me. Not because there’s tons of stuff to do (because there isn’t) but rather because of the people I’ve met here. Because I moved to this corn hole loving Hoosier state, I met my best friend and so many amazing people that I probably would have never known existed if I had never moved.

This summer I decided to give this cute little city and chance. It’s given me so many amazing friendships that the least I could do is try. I encourage you do the same -- rediscover your hometown because now that you’re older you can appreciate the little things like the well-known pizza parlor or just the zoo with some girlfriends. Eat, take pics, and be merry.