Feeling 22

Best part of turning 22 YOU ask? hands down Being able to blast Taylor Swift's song and obnoxiously use it for an instagram caption. 

If you've been following me for a minute, first off ILY. Second,  by now you probably know how much I love to celebrate birthdays.

Haters will say I'm extra...I say it's my birthday dammit.

Birthday...birthweek...birthyear...same thing amiright?!?! This year I kicked off my birthweek by spending 36 hours in one of my favorite places (Atlanta) with a few of my favorite people and it was incredible to say the least. 

Shockingly, I thought I was going to make that trip to ATL the only thing I do for my birthday, but then I quickly snapped out of it and realized that's not at all how I work. So the Monday before my birthday I decided I wanted to have a cute lil birthday shindig (and if you look at my "22" highlight story you can check out some of the moments I captured.) I had 48 hours and minimal money to put together a birthday "party" so I below I've shared how I did it. ;) 




 1. CAKE 

This right here is going to change your life...I don't know if you're ready. If you're every throwing a party (or just are craving cake) and need a BOMB, inexpensive cake that tastes like heaven and looks like it too Sam's Club is your place. Not only did they do this minimal design...but it was only $16 for 25 slices of heaven.

You're welcome ;)


Dollar Tree + Target. I literally got all of the decorations from these two places and best decision I've ever made

Dollar Tree (All $1 each): 

+ Cups                +  Table Cloths             + Napkins 

+ Cutlery            + Paper Plates             + Popcorn/Chips Bowl

Target : 

+ Candles  ($4)            + Confetti ($3)

+ Glitter Crowns  ($5)          + Number Balloons ($1 each)



This was easily the most expensive thing that I bought, but it was well worth it. I got a platter of 120 chicken nuggets from ChickFila because who doesn't love CFA (unless you're vegan or gluten free lol.) I also had chips, popcorn, and drinks for everyone to munch on, but nothing too extravagant ~ain't nobody got money for that~. 



Most important part of the party can i get an amen?!? I had a photo backdrop that was literally some champagne metallic cloth I picked up from Joann's (ps. check out their coupons on their site...you'll save hella $$$$) and white balloons from Party City. Instead of having a professional photographer, I had a polaroid and a lot of film and took pictures of and with everyone on that film. (Currently my camera's back camera isn't working or else I'd upload a few to this blog post :/ )


Yes I made my snap filter. And no I'm not that extra. I would like to say this right here...was the icing on the cake. I made it on my own using an online program, submitted it for approval and within 20 minutes got it approved from Snapchat. I've heard people get their designs declined, but i didn't have an issue at all. For 6 hours I only paid $5 for this bad boy and I'd like to think she looks bomb. 


Got any questions? Leave a comment or DM me! ;) Have fun being extra af on a budget. 



Demi B