The V-Word

Single's Awareness Day, Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, National Everybody's-Got-a-Bae-But-Me day...whichever one february 14th is for you... own it. 

If you're single, live it up (your pocket will thank you later anyway lol). If you've got a bae, make sure you're extra af today in how you show you're appreciation. If you're chillin with your girls tonight, grab some wine + a face mask and treat yo self. And lastly...if you feel like you're the only one not boo'd up -- welp, i'm not either so that makes two of us lol.

 Spoiler alert: Contrary to popular belief,  you don't have to be bitter that you don't have a valentine. I'm gonna be honest with the extra af hopeless romantic that I am, that was a very hard concept to understand lol. I swear, in my free time I come up with the most elaborate valentines day ideas in my head. No joke I would honestly be the best boyfriend to myself.

Sometimes with all the ruckus around Valentine's Day you almost think you're doing something wrong because you "don't have a man" and then you try to make yourself feel better by thinking the following: I mean, I really don't NEED a man...It's okay because I'm "working on myself"...boys are dumb anyway...they're so expensive...I'd rather have no man, than a shared man...I'm a strong independent black woman who doesn't need a man. All very valid (sorry fellas), but who said valentines day is about you getting spoiled by a guy? Why can't YOU do the spoiling? Spoil your little sister, you're best friend, or your roommate. Send them flowers and hand written note to remind them how much you love them. Send someone that's having a rough week a box of chocolate (unless they gave it up for Lent lol). 

No I don't have a secret bae, I didn't get a giant teddy bear, a 3 dozen roses, and no I don't have any elaborate valentines day plans. Ya girl will be chillin (face mask + sweatpants on) studying for her thermodynamics exam tomorrow evening. In fact, I should be studying instead of writing this post lol whoops.


But that's okay. I made sure today was extra special for the people I love and that's all that matters and it's not too late to make sure you do the same.

So for the record...just because you're single doesn't mean you have to hate valentines day. ;) 


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