pink paradise


This spring break was one for the books to say the least. I'm so happy i got to spend my final college spring break *cue tears* in one of my favorite cities.  


I was lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful Miami beach house for the VS Pink Paradise Party and when I tell you everything was picture perfect and highly instagramable...believe me. From the amazing new products VS Pink was showcasing to the infinity pool, this place was a dream.  

Upon arrival I was greeted with a beach towel and VS Pink slides, a seemingly endless candy bar (all of the candies were pink lol), coconuts water, a beautiful view, and the DJ playing 'God's Plan'. At that moment, I knew this was the place for me haha. 

This whole event was based around their new coconut-centric beauty line filled with bath bombs, lip oils, and face masks. So obviously the theme of the entire day was "Treat Yo Self". They had manicurists, hair braiders, and hand masseuses on deck and it was kind of amazing. You better believe I relaxed and enjoyed every second of it. 

Sadly, we're all back in school with the spring break blues wishing we were on the beach and somewhere other than school. Even though we can't go on a vacation, it's important to make time to take care of yourself. With school getting more stressful as the semester  winding down, remember to have that night to yourself where you listen to your favorite tunes with your @VSPink face mask on. 

Thank you @VSPink for having me and thank you @CFashionista for the opportunity! Be sure to check out their new line HERE.


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