lace up

Okay, so my new favorite fall trend is lace up trend in dresses and shirts. I had been eyeing the Nasty Gal version of this dress and was soooo disappointed when I went to buy it online and it was sold out. One of the problems I have with this trend is that a lot of the shirts or dresses are extremely revealing, but this dress was the best of both worlds -- classy but trendy--and i wouldn't have it any other way so when it was out of stock I was devastated. One day I was aimlessly shopping around in Tippecanoe Mall when I found this AMAZING dupe at Charlotte Russe.

Lets rewind. I'm at Tippecanoe mall (arguably one of the worst malls in the world) with my boyfriend when I go into Charlotte Russe and make probably 5 laps around the store before I see this beauty and a suede romper (look coming soon ;))Words cannot express how extremely accomplished  I felt after I purchased this dress and I'm obsessed with it. I was so excited that I didn't even try the dress on but have no fear, it fits perfectly.

Side Note: I think Carter is my shopping good luck charm because I always find the best stuff when I'm with him. Sorry for this weird change in font sizes, i don't know whats up but I'll try to change it for next time. :) 


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