the girl in the striped pants.


This post is actually really sad. why? Because this reminds me that just 2 weeks ago the weather was nice enough that I could wear this outfit and now its snowing. :(  I battled with whether or not I should still post this look because of this weather change, but as you can see I decided to do it.

Living in the midwest for 4 years has changed how I dress during winter. My theory is this: Don't dress for the weather because it's always going to be cold and you'll end up wearing sweatshirts and Uggs everyday. Instead you should dress cute, and just throw a jacket over it for when you're outside. The reality is that you'll end up driving to most places anyway and you'll only be outside for a short period of  time. Moral of the story? Don't let the snow kill you fashion vibe. 


Demi B

Top:  Charlotte Russe 

Bottoms: Similar

Sunglasses: Target

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