the camel trench.


Just like that it's over. Thanksgiving break is done and school starts tomorrow and honestly, I'm just not ready to go back. As much fun as calculus 3 and coding are, I'm kind of over this whole school thing. But its okay because we only have 3 weeks -- WE GOT THIS. The only thing holding me back from stressing right now is the thought of Cyber Monday and all of the amazing sales that will relieve my stress...hopefully my bank account is on the same wavelength. 

Let's talk fashion (the real reason why you're here). So the camel coat is a fall/winter trend that comes back every year. The search for the perfect trench wasn't easy and was about a year long search but i finally (accidentally) stumbled upon one at Charlotte Russe. It's definitely thinner than I wanted but the look was so chic I couldn't put it down. Unfortunately, they don't have the trench available for purchase online anymore but i linked one that is very similar and not expensive at all! 

Alright, back to stressing about school. :) 



Trench: Similar

Shirt: Target

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters 

Shoes: H&M 


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