don't slip up.

You wanna know what I love more than a piece of clothing that combines two trends? A piece of clothing that combines two trends AND is on the sale rack. It’s simply a win win win win situation. Luckily, this bomb cami blouse is both. ;)


Maybe its just me, but do you ever walk by a rack and your eyes zoom onto one thing on the rack and you walk past…then you find yourself slowly backtrack hoping that what you just saw is really as beautiful as it looked when you were in motion. Just me? Kewl. Well, 8 times out of 10, its really not as cute as imagine it to be. But this time…this time it was pure gold.

I got this bad boy for sale at the IU *cringing* Urban outfitters a few weeks ago. I’m obsessed with this top for many reasons -- one of which is the fact that it combines the velvet/ lace cami or slip top trends seamlessly. ”But dem, how do you wear this during real winter/ fall?“ Wow bae, I ‘m so glad you asked. The answer is quite simple really – layer.  You could wear a jacket over it like I did or throw it over a long sleeve tighter top for a more fashion forward look.



Top – Urban Outfitters

Jacket –

Jeans – James Jeans

Shoes – Charlotte Russ