Happy Belated Thanksgiving/ Happy Black Friday/ Happy Early Cyber Monday you beautiful humans! I'm so beyond thankful for your constant love and e-support. I hope your day was filled with love and laughter with those you love and appreciate the most. :) 


I LOVE THANKSGIVING. For so many reasons: First off, the food is just purely amazing [Nobody's cooking beats Mama B's cooking and I'm not taking that back] . Everyone is so happy, the fambam is all back together, and Christmas is inching closer and closer. 

The shopaholic in me adores thanksgiving because well, #BlackFridaySalesAreBae. JK I lied, online Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales are bae. I've been actual Black Friday shopping once back when I lived in Atlanta, and it was a very traumatic experience that I refuse to ever allow myself to be a part of...ever again.

All I have to say is, I'm thankful for online shopping. One of the cutest online boutiques GG Boutique is having a crazy amazing sale today until Monday. Crazy amazing as in this dress was $46 and now its $29.60 [plus free shipping on orders over $50]. Let me put it in perspective for're only spending 29.60 for a dress that you're not only going to look killer in but it also seamlessly hides your holiday party food the math ;) 




Dress: GG Boutique (Black | Rust |Blue) 

Watch: Shore Watches