sweater weather

If I've learned anything from my college years, its how to dress + dress on a budget. Repurposing pieces for different events and seasons is a necessity. For this look, not a single one of these pieces is new -- I've literally never worn this outfit before, but it follows trends and I didn't spend a dime. It's like magic. ;) 


I found that I tend to be pretty plain in how I style sweaters: I usually get them in a size large [because I adore the oversized look], then I pair them with jeans or thick black leggings [depending on how comfortable I feel like being that day], and lastly I toss on my black booties. Easy, breezy, beautiful -- basicgirl.

Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the fit I described. That's just my typical lazy day outfit. I challenged myself to put together an outfit different than my typical sweater outfit without buy anything new [because #brokecollegestudent] and here we have it: a denim skirt from F21 last spring/summer and a 2 year old F21 sweater. 

Your next outfit, I challenge you to rummage through your closet and put together a kickass outfit [that you haven't ever worn before] with stuff you already have in your closet. It's actually really fun. TRUST.

Your wallet will thank you later ;)