the repurposed romper.


Midterms are finally are over and I am writing this post laying in my own bed with my puppy snuggled up next to me and I've never been so happy. After not being home from school since Christmas break, it was just time. Time to come home and be with family and far away from the engineering stresses at Purdue.  I lucked out and got to come home Wednesday night so my spring break is about a week and a half. Anyway, I'm excited to be home to say the least.

But okay lets talk about the real reason why you're here -- the fit. The title of the blog says it all. I bought this skirt from Forever 21 in Indy when I went shopping with some of my gal pals. It was honestly love at first sight, but then when I pulled it out to wear, I didn't know what to pair it with. So what did I do? Pinterest. (I know I can't be the only person that types in " how to wear _______" to get a little bit of inspo). Except this time I was unlucky, so I texted my blogger pal Chandler with hopes she had something I could pair with this skirt. nothing. I decided to look through my closet one more time and my eyes landed on this romper. I think a lightbulb literally switched on above my head as I had the idea of wearing my romper as a top and just nicely tucking into the skirt. And voila! Here we have it folks. 

Moral of the story: you might have everything you need for the perfect outfit in your closet, you just might have to do a little bit of repurposing ;) 



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