cold shoulder.

Hellooo Beautiful People of the Internet -- long time no talk. (Don't blame me blame Purdue Engineering) I know what you're thinking: Dammmnnnn Demi, back at it again with the black and white outfit. But guys, I really can't help it. I'm trying to do better I really am. Its just so hard.

 The title of this post is very ironic? Why? Because my shoulders actually were freeeeezing in this outfit. Given, it was 100% my fault since I got a little too excited that it was going to be 55 degrees outside and didn't think to check whether it would be windy or not (and in case you were wondering, it was v windy.). I can't complain though because with this bipolar Indiana/Midwest weather, I'll take what I can get....even if it means cold shoulders. This trend is so so so popular for spring and probably summer and it can be found in dresses, shirts, or rompers. I'm sure this won't be the last 'cold shoulder' outfit on the blog so here's how I styled a shirt!:)


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