sweet home indiana.

Most people know that I typically don't like to claim Indiana. Why? because I'm a born and raised Georgia Peach. I moved to Indiana my junior year of high school and I was forced -- literally forced (I cried almost the whole way here people).  I've got to admit that I wasn't thrilled about the corn fields for days or the crazy bipolar weather or the fact that I have to drive 2 hours to get to a good mall ( I mean can you blame me?). BUT, surprisingly she's actually grown on me.

I've been trying to appreciate her beauty a lot more lately and honestly I'm so happy we moved here. If not for Indiana, I wouldn't have met my amazing boyfriend or the amazing people I get to call my friends. Moral of the story? God has a purpose behind everything -- even if it seems like he doesnt. Everything happens for a reason, if not for this corn state who knows if The Efflorescence would even exit. 

OKAY. So now that's over, on to the 'fit. If you can't tell, I'm highkey obsessed with the off the shoulder trend and here I paired it with the most perfect pair of blue jeans. I LOVED THESE JEANS. I honestly didn't want to take them off. They have the perfect amount of stretch and the blue pigment is divine. 




White off the Shoulder Top: Symmetry

Blue Jeans: Symmetry