goodbye winter.

I honestly can't complain. This winter has been extremely mild compared to the past three Indiana winters. I'm not going to lie, its usually around winter time when I regret coming to school in the midwest about 6 days out of the week...every week...from October until mid March (if the groundhog decided to be in our favor), but this year wasn't too bad! But thats not to say it wasn't still cold, it just wasn't THAT cold. 

If I were anywhere else other than the midwest I'd say winter and fall are my favorite seasons, I just love wearing coats and scarves and layering. Unfortunately, Indiana has made me retract "winter" from that statement, so, until I move elsewhere fall is all I've got. Moral of the story? I'm happy winter is coming to an end. Yesterday was officially the first day of spring and the high was 53 so we're making some progress.  But you know what they say, "Without winter, Spring wouldn't be so pleasant." 

Here's my thought process -- spring is here which means April showers which as we all know bring May flowers which means May is approaching which means June is after which means what?!? PEONY SEASON IS APPROACHING LADIES AND GENTS  (Try not to get too excited)  You know how I said earlier fall was my favorite season? Yeah well I lied -- its def peony season, but fall is a close second. 



Demi B.Comment