running on "e".

Hello beautiful people of the internet!

I hope you had an amazing Easter with your family and loved ones celebrating the love and resurrection of Jesus. I was lucky enough to go home (shoutout to Rachel for the ride) and spend the weekend with my amazing family and Tobi -- our adorable maltipoo puppy that I'm obnoxiously obsessed with. At this point, I think I should honestly just do a whole blog post on him so that when I do talk about him, you too can appreciate his cuteness. 

Symmetry Style, a boutique in Fort Wayne, IN  does it again and I'm obsessed with  literally everything in the store. I picked this off the shoulder top out when I was home for spring break and I was literally in love. (I know I say that about everything but I really do mean it.) Also, If you couldn't tell, I really like this off the shoulder trend. I apologize in advance for all of the future blog posts with this trend but I just love it.  ;) 




Symmetry Style


This amazing shop called Hannah's Closet (AKA my roommate's closet, thanks Han ;))