Off the Shoulder

Fold Over.

Have you ever wondered why off-the-shoulder tops, dresses, and sweaters were also called bardot tops? omg same. (if you didn't say yes, this is awkward lol.)  

Basically, the style was influenced by the outfit worn by the famous French actress, singer, and fashion icon Bridgett Bardot at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival. You learn something new every day ;) #FashionFactsbyDEMIB


This "bardot" trend is one that sneakily found its way into fall -- we'll see whether or not it get carried into winter, but I doubt it. Why? because wearing off-the-shoulder tops with a jacket is quite arguably the hardest and most uncomfortable thing ever. Don't believe me? try it. You either awkwardly pull it up so it can kind of sit like a regular top under your jacket OR you have to leave it the way it is and have a clump of fabric sitting weirdly under you armpit. Its a lose lose situation unless there's some life hack I don't yet. If there is pleaseeeee let your girl know. 

But hey, maybe off the shoulder jackets are the next hot item? but then like, your shoulders would literally freeze..


What I'm Wearing

Top: Chicwish (here)

Belt: Blush Boutique 

Bottoms: Charlotte Russe 

Shoes: Steve Madden