Guys, last week Thursday was an absolute dream come true. If you know me personally, you probably know that I have been Daniel Wellington's biggest fan since my senior year of high school. Everyone and their mother needs to get one of these watches. They're so minimal and classic -- I JUST LOVE THEM. Plus, they are the perfect price for such a timeless piece. Like come on, it really doesn't get any better.  

Anyway, so about two weeks ago they contacted me (this is where the freak out began) to take over their snapchat for the day (I'm pretty sure there were tears at this point) and I was so honored. My big DW snapchat debut was Thursday and I'm going to be honest it was realllllllyyyy hard.  Not because I was necessarily nervous, but because it was so difficult to make my typical college day (in West Lafayette might I add) interesting. So what I do? By default, I spend the day at a coffee shop editing pictures, doing homework, taking long walks to nowhere, and going on a shoot in DTWL (its no DTLA but its as close as we'll get) with my blogger pal @CandidlyChan. 

Featured Watch: Dapper Collection St. Mawes Watch (here).




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