green thumb.


Indiana -- where spring {sleet} showers, do in fact eventually bring May flowers. My blogger bff Chan and I had this fabulous shooting day planned and of course Indiana weather wanted to act up on us. Literally the moment we meet up it started raining. It was fine though, because we convinced ourselves it was going to be super sunny in 5 minutes. Too bad we aren't meteorologists and we were just completely wrong. Of all things, it started sleeting. So what do we do? We shoot inside of a greenhouse. Genius right?!?! 

This look is probably one of my favorite recent buys. I bought it from Forever 21 online and was so so so skeptical because I didn't know how it would fit. I ended up getting a small and it fits perfectly. Obsessed is an understatement. (Yes I am aware that I really need to add a new adjective to my vocabulary).  Can we also talk about how non- Forever 21 this bag is?!?! It so well made and so beautiful. PLUS its less than $ doesn't get better than that really. 



Romper: Forever 21

Crossbody: Forever 21

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Wrap Bracelet: Veza

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