trunk club.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? So here goes nothing. Hi guys my name is Demi (“Hi Demi”) and I am addicted to shopping. It gives me almost a kind of high. But I’m conflicted because my heart tells me yes but my bank account is screaming no. Unfortunately, this post is by no means me telling you ways to cut back on your shopping habits because quite honestly, I’m just not the person you need to be getting that kind of advice for. BUT what I am here for is to tell you about this amazing new way to shop.

This service called Trunk Club is honestly amazing. I knew a few girls that were working there this summer and kind of found out about it through them and boy am I obsessed. Here’s how it works:

1.     You sign up (FOR FREE) -- use my referral link:

2.     You get assigned a Kick ass Stylist (Like Molly) (FOR FREE)

3.     She asks you questions about your style

4.     You get sent a trunk of amazing clothes that fit your style

5.     Your personal trunk gets delivered to your doorstep so you try them on at home(and if you don’t like it, send the trunk back…..for free)

6.     Keep what you like and you’ll be billed for only the things that you buy.


My experience was nothing short of amazing. Molly did the best job picking out things that reflected my personal style. I was obsessed with most everything and if there was something I didn’t like I could easily give her feedback about why I didn’t love it. 

You're welcome in advance ;) 




This summer I have the pleasure of shooting with the crazzzy talented Mariah Wyall -- check out her amazing site here: