lace it up.

Well hello beautiful people, 

 It's been a hot second and I apologize. These last few weeks have been insanity and in my defense, I've had every intention of being up to date on my lookbook posts, but the way the wifi was set up when I was abroad, it was nearly impossible. So what does that mean to you? Well, I have a good 10 looks coming your way in the next week or two. (YAY for new content!!) 

If you follow me on the gram or snapchat you know that I've been in Italy, London, and New York this month and I have so many stories to tell you. Right now I'm playing catch up so I can share all of my experiences with you so puhleaseeee bare with me. I have literally been at Starbucks since 11am and I'm not leaving until my two page to do list is completed (I'm currently about halfway so its about to be a long night.) 

Now to the part you actually care about: THE LOOK. 

This cute top was sent to me by GG Boutique and if you haven't noticed, the lace up trend is one that I'm kind of in love with. the color of this top is the perfect half burnt orange color and its pretty close to the color pictured. Head over to to snag this adorable top along with so many more cute items. Use my code Demib25 for 25% OFF your purchase!!

Happy Shopping ;) 



Top: GG Boutique

Jeans: James Jeans