max'd out

Hello Beauties -- I'm not quite sure if you know how happy writing this post is making me. this has been the most excting, fun, tiring, Adult week i have ever experienced in my life and I'm not quite sure how i feel about it lolz. Adulting is hard. v hard, but such is life i guess. 


I'm not sure if you've noticed from the gram, but I've kinda been obsessed with maxi dresses/skirts I literally live in them. Let's rewind to like 5 years ago...when I  USED TO HATE THEM. Like I despised them, why? Because I thought they were 'too old woman-y'  and what not and it just wasn't my style. But recently, they've become a summer wardrobe stable for me -- Let me tell ya why: 

1. They're easy: You don't have to put much thought into the outfit, just throw it on.

2. they're versatile: With the right hairstyle and accessories you can make it casual or dress it up. 

3. you don't have to shave your legs: let's Pause. let's be clear here babes...i'm not giving you permission to look like a wooly mammoth ladies, but i know the leg shaving strugg sometimes. lolz

4. They're almost like a romper, but you don't have to worry about undressing in the bathroom so you can pee #Blessup:) 



ps. Is it just me or do you get some major Beyonce lemonade vibes from this dress?! OBSESSED. 

Dress: GG Boutique  (Here)