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Well helllloooo beautiful people –

I hope your week was amazing and your weekend is even better ;) I don’t know about yours, but my summer has literally flown by and I can tell you right now I’m v mad about it. I guess time flies when you’re having fun…or being an adult lol.


Not even kidding though, there HAS to be some scientific explanation why as you get older, time goes by exponentially faster. Whatever it is, I’m 1000000% not for it. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, not being a broke college student and being able to not have to depend on my parents is kind of amazing…but I’m not quite convinced this whole “adult” thing was created for me.

This shirt from Lace + Arrow (scroll down to the bottom of this post for a coupon code and direct link to this shirt) is actually me 100000% of the time. I’m not huge into tanning or laying out lol, so you’ll more than likely find me under a beach umbrella in the shade trying to not get darker, but I’m still a fan of the beach. There’s something beautiful and so carefree about just lying and watching the crashing waves, seeing the adorable little kids make sandcastles, and MAN there’s nothing I love more than getting sand in my weave (that was sarcastic lmao... it’s the absolute worst) .

A couple weeks ago, I went to Fort Myers with two gal pals and I’m about to tell you something that tragic that happened and I thought the world was coming to an end (spoiler it’s not really that big of a deal). No I didn’t get eaten by sharks in the ocean and no I didn’t almost drown (mind you I can’t tread water so there’s that, but I’m a freaking good swimmer... some call me the female Michael Phelps or whatever lolz). YOU GUYS, I WAS ON THE BEACH AND MY PHONE DIED. I thought my world was crashing down. No snapchat. No ignoring text messages because I hate texting. No scrolling through the gram. It was beyond tragic. One minute passed, then fourty-five, and then 2 hours….PHONELESS.  

~ first world problems am I right?!? ~

But looking back, it was the best worst thing that could have happened. I had no stresses. NONE. No texts to contemplate responding to (if you know me, you know I'm the world's worst texter) and no snaps taking me away from enjoying the moment. It was just pure enjoyment and it was kind of beautiful.

I said that to say, this summer, I want to challenge you to unplug from social media or just your phone in general. For a couple of hours a day maybe? I know it’s crazy and I know I didn’t do it by choice lolz but I’m going to keep it a goal of mine to do it at least once a week and you should too. ;)

Demi B 

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