lace it on me.

You guys, I need serious help...I was trying to be cleaver with my blog title (my puns usually never work out...they always sound better in my head but I feel like if I just go with it, nobody will think twice about it lol). So quick story time -- these short are lace up shorts right? So cleaver old mercedes demz was like WOAH IM GOING TO NAME THIS POST 'LACE IT UP'....ready for the kicker? I think I've named like 5 posts lace it up...and none of you guys told me lol.


Don't believe me? Search it the little search bar at the top of the page. (I know...SMH Demz) The saddest part is that knowing myself, I was probably really excited EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. lolz @ my life, man.

So here you have it 'Lace it on Me' (if you got that it was a spin off of the 'Lay it on me' you get 10000000 brownie points haha. If you didn't think that story was funny....welp, this is insanely awkward and I sincerely apologize for wasting your time lol. #WasteHerTime2K17

ANYWHO -- you guys, these shortsss. I've never loved a piece of cloth so much in my frickin' life. It's such a fun summer twist on your classic denim highwasted shorts and I'm alll for it. These bad boys from GG Boutique are legit perfect. 

Okay, enough of my anticlimactic stories and obsessing over these shorts -- scroll all the way down to see how I styled them and to find a 25% discount code ;)




Top: Borrowed from @CandidlyChan 

Shorts: GG BOUTIQUE (here)

WITH MY CODE 'DEMIB25': $33.75

(ps. you get free shipping if you spend over $50 ;) 

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