It's that wear a sweater in the morning and regret it by 12 o'clock type weather. I thought i was cheating the system by wearing shorts and a sweater but nope...mother nature still got me. 

I thought I figured out the weather...and then it literally laughed in my face. The day I wore this outfit I literally thought that I was a genius. I checked the weather and it said 59 degrees at 9:30 and 72 and 1:30...BIG BET. I finally knew how I was going to rig the system. In my head this is how it was going to go down -- cold in the morning? no problem -- I'd wear a cute sweater...hotter (but not too hot) in the afternoon?  betttt -- I'll wear shorts.  SIKEEEE. Yeah no, it was hotter than satan's armpit and the sun was blazin at 9 am when I walked out of my house. I couldn't go back and change because I would be late for class. Yeah, the joke was on me.

I would really like to start a petition suggesting that the Apple Weather App meteorologist needs to get fired because that app is 99.9% wrong. But then again, I don't know who to be mad at global warming for messing up the seasons, Indiana weather for being bipolar,  the apple meteorologist for always leading me astray, or myself for knowing Apple is always wrong and still not downloading the WeatherChannel app lol.

BUT ITS OKAY. Why?! Because I looked bomb in my GG Boutique Sweater (even if I was dripping of sweat lol.) I should really stop complaining though, because before I know it this weather is about to be freezing and I'll be praying for this heat back.

But until then? #BringSweaterWeatherBack2K17




ps. I'm usually a small or medium in tops, but I decided for this sweater I wanted a larger fit, so I got the Medium/Large. :)