HI BEAUTIFUL HUMANS -- So i'M TRYING TO GET UP TO SPEED WITH ALL OF THE EXCITiNG POSTS I've got up my sleeve...SO HERE WE HAVE NUMBER ONE IN THE LINEUP. *Sidenote: Blog title game so strong amiright?!* 

I had honestly never heard of before coming to college -- it's every srat girl's formal dance go-to-website. And I mean I'm not surprised, they've got a great selection of clothes, the site is almost always 50% off, and did I mention the clothes are so freaking adorable? If you haven't checked them out, 10/10 would recommend. ;)

With summer lasting a little longer than usual (shoutout global warming), these three pieces spoke to my soul when I was on the site. First off, no color in the pieces I picked -- surprising? Not even a little bit. Second, I tried to hit some of the trends I've been seeing with Tobi's off the shoulder oxford shirt, a front tie blouse, and the dress with the twist in the front. So sit back, relax, and happy scrolling. 



PS. I'm trying something really different with this post, so instead of throwing all of the looks into one giant blog posts or even 3 separate ones, I decided to have this be a true lookbook. So basically, if you want to see how I styled these three adorable pieces click on the "See More" button to the right of the image.  



Everyone needs a little black dress in their life and this one is different than any i've ever seen. The twist in the front spruces it up a little bit and gives it a cute lil' flare. Keeping it real though, if you're tall, this dress is inching on the shorter side so keep that in mind (I'm 5'4 if that helps much.)

Diggin' the fit? Click the link below to see the full look and get the direct link. :)  



'Every Time' Tie Blouse

Raise your hand if you've ever bought something because you saw it on pinterest or instagram and considered it a wardrobe necessity. *raises both hands*  I literally saw similar tops and was obsessed with the tie blouse trend and I may or may not have shed a tear when I saw it on so here we have it folks.. you're welcome ;) 

If you're as obsessed with this top as I am,  click the link below to see how I styled it.   


'Audrey' Multi Way Blouse

Last bust most definitely not least....THIS TOP YA'LL. It's a modern twist on the classic oxford shirt and I'm 10000% here for it. It's a multi way top, so yes I'm telling you that you'd get 3+ tops for the price of one...

I'll let that one sink in and in the mean time go check out the full look.