Trend Spotter: The Teddy Bear Coat

There are two types of people in this world. You either A: think this is the cutest coat ever and are obsessed or B: you're asking yourself who begged me to wear a teddy bear/ carpet as a jacket. I know, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes, BUT I just really hope you're not option B lol. 


This trend has many names so if you're trying to search it up on Pinterest to see other ways it's been styled, find it at a store, or just figure out what the heck it's called, you can type in: "Teddy Bear Coat", "Sherpa Coat", "Faux Shearling Coat", or "Pile Coat/Jacket." 

I'd like to call this coat trend "love at first pin." I legit saw this on pinterest and instantly knew I needed it. I'm no veteran to being in love, but I'm prettttyyyyyy sure this coat is what it feels like. When I finally got my hands on this bad boy it was game over. 

The teddy bear coat I've styled, I got from H&M a couple of weeks ago for $60 and then I found a 20% off coupon and ended up spending only like $54 bucks on it. [ Quick Story Time: Before you say 'ahhh Demi you saved like nothing' I will have you know that I will never EVER be above saving money with coupons haha. I hated when my mom would always have me check and see if there were coupons for whatever she was buying and I never understood it, but now that I spend my own money I GET IT. I mean, yeah its "just 6 bucks" but thats basically a Chipotle bowl don't play. Sorry for questioning you, Mom lol.  ]

This was hands down one of my favorite fall purchases. I'm going to keep in 100 with you though, I was slightly disappointed with the fact that  it wasn't lined on the inside. Maybe I just expect to much? but I thought that if it was fluffy on the outside, it would be on the inside too....but nah lol. However, I'm happy to share that it's still surprisingly warm so it's not a total 'L'. 

Unfortunately, this trend is a little bit on the pricier side, but I've been able to find some less expensive options all under $100 that I've linked below at the end of this post. 



Left To Right: Urban Outfitters (here) // H&M [Exact one I have] // SheIn (here) // H&M (here) //

Forever 21 (here) // H&M (here

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