blanket cardi.

Cardi is to cardigan as perf is to perfect. [ Who would have known that learning about analogies in my 3rd grade english class would eventually come in handy] lolz


Not going to lie, I use abbreviations for my words and its getting out of hand. I'm pretty sure 70% of my vocab is made up abbreviations. But you know the worst part? I say them so much that people around me know what I mean when I say them. soz (aka sorry). It makes me feel a bit better about myself knowing that this is a millennial problem not just me...TGOD. 

I said that to inform you that I have almost completely cut out the term "cardigan" from my vocab and say "cardi", so don't be alarmed when you see a word that doesn't appear in the Merriam Webster Dictionary in my writing lol (I promise I got an A in freshman english and I am in fact fluent in English). 

But lets get to business -- shall we? This camel blanket cardi [also available in black] from my peeps at is the perfect fall piece!! Why might you ask? Because it's a chic piece that legit doubles as a blanket. It's fabric is a very thick material that's sure to keep you warm during fall. ( I'd be lying if I told you I didn't cuddle up in this during my classes. ;))




Blanket Cardigan: Tobi 

Jeans: James Jeans 

Shoes: Steve Madden

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