After what feels like years, I'm back and I'm better folks. I don't know if you'll believe me when I say this, but I've had these next few posts sitting for a while. Then why haven't I posted them?  Life (aka Purdue Engineering) happened and literally stole all of my time away.

But I'm fine. It's fine. Hell week (aka the past 3 weeks of my collegiate life) have passed and I'm baaaaaackkkkk. ;) 


I wish you could feel the softness of this sweater through the screen -- it's kind of amazing. This sweater from has the perfect hair-tuckable mock collar and I'm kind of in love with it. 

[ps. Get 20% off this sweater now until November 2nd with the code Hallo20]

I styled it with black jeans and black booties? shocker. I love the minimal look that pairing camel with black bring and I'm not sorry about it. I know what you're thinking -- Demi, do you own any other jeans besides your James Jeans? I promise I do, but they're are just so comfy and stretchy its hard to not want to wear them. 

Don't knock it 'till you try it. 







No color says fall quite like camel. Marsala and camel/taupe are probably about as colorful as you'll probably see me this fall/winter and I'm not sorry about it. 


Something about the richness of this color kind of speaks to my soul. Everyone needs the perfect camel coat, sweater, and dress in their wardrobe for fall -- it's kind of a necessity. If you remember, last fall/winter I bought the perfect camel coat and styled it (almost one year later and I'm still obsessed with it), and I have a couple of camel sweaters, but this is my first dress in this color. 

When styling this dress, I found that it looked best when paired with black accessories, hence, the all black watch, black sunnies and black lace up shoes. Because it's a shift dress that doesn't cling to your body, layering is most def an option. So if you live somewhere where you can't wear short sleeves in the fall, putting a thin, fitted long sleeve black shirt underneath it could also look super cute (and you wouldn't freeze your arms off ;)) 

A special thank you to for sponsoring this post -- but just so you know, all opinions are my own. ;) 

Scroll to the bottom to see where I got everything from! 




Dress: Tobi

Sunglasses: @CandidlyChan's closet 

Shoes: Charlotte Russe 

Watch: Shore Watches 

blanket cardi.

Cardi is to cardigan as perf is to perfect. [ Who would have known that learning about analogies in my 3rd grade english class would eventually come in handy] lolz


Not going to lie, I use abbreviations for my words and its getting out of hand. I'm pretty sure 70% of my vocab is made up abbreviations. But you know the worst part? I say them so much that people around me know what I mean when I say them. soz (aka sorry). It makes me feel a bit better about myself knowing that this is a millennial problem not just me...TGOD. 

I said that to inform you that I have almost completely cut out the term "cardigan" from my vocab and say "cardi", so don't be alarmed when you see a word that doesn't appear in the Merriam Webster Dictionary in my writing lol (I promise I got an A in freshman english and I am in fact fluent in English). 

But lets get to business -- shall we? This camel blanket cardi [also available in black] from my peeps at is the perfect fall piece!! Why might you ask? Because it's a chic piece that legit doubles as a blanket. It's fabric is a very thick material that's sure to keep you warm during fall. ( I'd be lying if I told you I didn't cuddle up in this during my classes. ;))




Blanket Cardigan: Tobi 

Jeans: James Jeans 

Shoes: Steve Madden