lace up.

There's one and only word that I can use to describe this sweater.... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

(lets hope i spelled that right because I'm pretty sure that's not in the dictionary so I couldn't officially spellcheck) 


If you haven't seen the lace-up trend everywhere welp, then you more than likely live under a rock (no offense). It's legit everywhere. Since last summer, it's been a hot trend seen in tees, dress, and now sweaters. I think it started when LF stores turned the band tees into lace up tees, and then everyone and their mother started wearing lace up and making their own because who would want to spend $90+ on a shirt they can make on their own. 

I love how this sweater from GG Boutique realistically encorprates it into a fall trend. It's a dark olive that kind of just speaks to my soul. If you're more adventurous with your wardrobe, they have it in soooooo may amazing colors (use my code DEMIB25 for 25% off your order): 

Olive (Mine)
Charcoal / Beige / Dusty Plum / Rust / Silver / Stone

You're welcome ;) 



ps. you might want to hurry and get them, they sell out fast!! 


blanket cardi.

Cardi is to cardigan as perf is to perfect. [ Who would have known that learning about analogies in my 3rd grade english class would eventually come in handy] lolz


Not going to lie, I use abbreviations for my words and its getting out of hand. I'm pretty sure 70% of my vocab is made up abbreviations. But you know the worst part? I say them so much that people around me know what I mean when I say them. soz (aka sorry). It makes me feel a bit better about myself knowing that this is a millennial problem not just me...TGOD. 

I said that to inform you that I have almost completely cut out the term "cardigan" from my vocab and say "cardi", so don't be alarmed when you see a word that doesn't appear in the Merriam Webster Dictionary in my writing lol (I promise I got an A in freshman english and I am in fact fluent in English). 

But lets get to business -- shall we? This camel blanket cardi [also available in black] from my peeps at Tobi.com is the perfect fall piece!! Why might you ask? Because it's a chic piece that legit doubles as a blanket. It's fabric is a very thick material that's sure to keep you warm during fall. ( I'd be lying if I told you I didn't cuddle up in this during my classes. ;))




Blanket Cardigan: Tobi 

Jeans: James Jeans 

Shoes: Steve Madden